We Are Here is a 3 wheeled coffee cart or 'tuk-tuk' based in Leyton, East London.  Since we were established in 2015, we've been hired for a wonderful selection of private and corporate events, alongside our Monday-Friday residency at Leyton Station.

We serve Allpress Espresso alongside the usual top quality tea, hot chocolate, iced and chai lattes.  We source sustainable and fair trade products were possible and recycle our used coffee ground with our customers for their gardens and compost.  All of our packaging is fully recyclable.

Our tuk tuk (also known as Fred) is a converted Piaggio Ape which travelled over from India and has a whopping top speed of 30mph.  We run a Fracino dual-fuel espresso machine which means we can be powered off mains or gas and batteries if there is none!  We store our own water and collect our own waste.  Fred is 1.5m wide and 3m long meaning he can squeeze through double doors and into the smallest of spaces.

If you'd like more information please take a look at our gallery and hire us pages and if there's anything you'd like to us, just hit contact.