Smiles included.

Smiles included.

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Looking for a mobile coffee cart for an event your planning?  We can help! Take a look at our 'previous partnerships' for who we've worked with and what we've done.

What we offer:

1. Customisable coffee tuk tuk, vinyl branding on the side to cover our current logo.

2. Customisable coffee cups and lids.

3. Customisable menu and ingredients.

4. Customisable printed marshmallows

5. Excellent service and possibly a small kitten.

Things you might need to know:

1. Our tuk tuk and coffee machine come together so there will need to be enough space for us to drive in and no obstacles for us drive over.  We measure 1.5m(w) by 3m(l). We can and have squeezed through many double doors into shops and pop-ups.

2. We serve from the boot so we'll need an extra meter to shuffle around.

3. We require one mains plug to run all day and night or we can run off gas and batteries for a shorter period.

4. We collect our own waste, have our own lights (for night time), store our own water, have public liability insurance, PAT, gas, and food hygiene certificates.

5. We currently do not have a trailer so we are London based only for now.