want to know more?

well, we got 12 GCSE's A-C (mainly C's but if you put a hyphen in between A and C no one really knows shh). we're good at working on our own AND in a team, 

our biggest weakness is PERFECTION and yes, we agree, jaffa cakes AREN'T biscuits. 


to state the obvious WE LOVE COFFEE, like loads. but we're bored with all the doo-dars and chit-chat that comes with it. 

yes you like coffee but you don't need to bang on about it. why over complicate a drink that you make when you're sleepy? it makes no sense.


our 3 coffees that are made to taste really nice for how you like to make them; no ridiculous choices, no silly words.


to try and make this world a little bit better, we promise to give 10p from every bag sold to the marvellous charity 'Missing People' or by choosing The Queer One it will go to Gendered Intelligence instead.


p.s. we used to have a coffee cart called fred but he got stolen by some not very nice humans, so we've buried him here, RIP little guy (click the tombstone if you want to watch that tragic moment):



wanting to find out if our coffee is any good from other people? course you do, we would


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