Can business' be good? Can they care? Can they show kindness and compassion towards the team?

They're certainly hard to come by but we want to create a inclusive, accessible and intersectional world where all of this can exist, because why not?!

We Are Here was started by Em, a disabled, queer, non-binary human - and it created a safe space for them to work and wants to offer that for any folk wishing to join.

Here's some the basic things we like to offer:

  • A higher wage than The Living Wage - and always transparent
  • Free local gym membership for those who want it
  • Free Voda membership - a queer focused mental wellbeing app
  • Time off between Christmas and New Years
  • Flexibility and adaptations for disabled folks or those with chronic illness
  • 7 hour days but paid for 8
  • 1 hour paid lunch (obvs)
  • Free coffee (obvs)

Everyone is welcome to apply for roles, but we especially encourage those from marginalised groups. If you don't check all the requirements of a particular role we still encourage you to go for it - personality and passion are always a trump card.


Current Roles:

Sorry, nothing at the moment.