same day despatch before 12pm mon-fri 🕛
international delivery 🌎
10p from every bag goes to charity ❤️️
  • strong, confident, classic

  • likeable, laid-back, leisurely

  • light, juicy, unusual

  • 3 different beans - no silly words

    designed the way you drink them 
    pick from:

    if you make with:

    • espresso machine
    • stove top
    • aeropress
    • with or without milk

    if you make with:

    • filter/drip
    • v60/kalita/chemex
    • cafetiere
    • with or without milk

    if you make with:

    • filter/drip
    • v60/kalita/chemex
    • cold brew
    • without milk

    how do subscriptions work?

    choose your coffee

    depending how you like to make and drink your coffee you'll easily find which coffee is best suited for you 

    choose your frequency

    decide how often you would like your 250g of beans delivered. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly. one bag makes roughly 12 cups

    buying as a gift?

    select the start date you want their subscription to begin, how long you want it to last for and don't forget to leave a really great gift message

    easily edit

    getting through you coffee faster/slower than you thought? you can change your next delivery date, pause and skip really easily with your account

    real life people saying things:

    • Maya - London

      Love absolutely everything about WAH coffee beans. Delicious coffee and a subscription that's really easy to manage.

    • Nikki - London

      This amazing company just gave me a pressie to say thank you for my NHS work, I had 'THIS ONE' and it was absolutely delicious. Smells as good as it tastes. Smooth, rich and the perfect strength. I thoroughly recommend this to any coffee lover out there. One of the best I've used by far. Thank you so much We Are Here...beautiful gesture and it tastes amazing xxx

    • Andy - Margate

      Simply put - amazing coffee without the jargon. Currently loving their 'THE OTHER ONE' for a V60. Light, fruity vibes. Amazingly nice humans too!


    hey you,
    just here to kill time?

    that's cool - you best go and...


    pride is for life and not just for June

    we will donate 10p from every bag sold to Gendered Intelligence, a charity that aims to make life better for trans people in the UK through their incredible training, education workshops and mentoring

    this will be available all year round, forever

    pick which 3 of our beans you would like as a single bag or as a subscription

    some stuff about us

    no silly words

     do you need to know what altitude your coffee was grown at? or what type of fruit it tastes like? to keep things simple we've done away with the details and made the decision for you

    really nice coffee

    just because there's no silly words doesn't mean it isn't good coffee. our beans are specialty grade which means they're the highest quality. taste amazing and farmers receive fair a fair wage

    accidental do-gooder

    we'll make you into a nice human whether you like it or not. we give 10p from every bag to the marvellous 'Missing People' or Gendered Intelligence charities

    get a grinder

    still buying ground coffee? don't be gross. 


    imagine if you grated some cheese then just left it that way in your fridge - 

    it would dry out and lose it's delicious yellow flavour/freshness, fast, right? 


    grate and grind as you go people.


    solid analogy right there. 


    "i've no idea how to make coffee"

    have you been living in a bin?! no bin life judgement, just curious. read these and everything will be fine...

    sometimes we send emails, wanna receive them?

    it may be about coffee, it may be about cats, if you're lucky it'll be about biscuits

    just because you like nice coffee, doesn't mean you should bang on about it