Hey curious you, looking for answers? We've got some frequent ones below, if anything's not listed please feel free to drop us an email and we'd be over the moon to help.


How do I edit/cancel/pause/skip my personal subscription?

Best use a desktop/laptop for this. Click the human icon in the top right of the website, this will take you to a login page. If this is your first time editing your subscription - click the option to 'create a new account' using the same email used when placing your subscription order. Once logged in head to the 'see more details' blue button. Here you can add more products to your next delivery, fast forward your subscriptions, skip, pause and cancel. Once you've done this once you can use the login feature to make any future changes.


Is your packaging recyclable?

All of our coffee bags are code 4 recyclable plastic - which means they need to be taken to those shopping bag points at the big supermarkets. It's not perfect but we think at the moment this is the best option vs commercial composting alternatives. We'll always do our best and will change if and when packing technology and recycling options improve across the country.


What else do you do for the planet?

All of our waste grounds and chaff from the roastery go to our good friend Erin Hayhow who is a eco fashion designer. They cleverly make coffee leather from our waste. We delivery our coffee sacks locally for free for anyone who wants them. Any extra coffee gets given to the ambulance station staff in the same yard as us. All of our stickers, jumpers and tshirts are made locally to minimise mileage and support local business'. We have 5kg reusable tubs for our wholesale customers in Thanet. We use re-useable cable ties on our coffee sacks and use the liners as bin bags. Our lovely Loring roaster uses 80% less energy than most types, recycles heat and burns the smoke in an incinerator so none goes into the atmosphere.


Can I return something?

We want to be really happy with anything you've bought from us so if something's broken, doesn't meet your satisfaction or you've just changed your mind - we'll always be ok with having it back. Just shoot us an email with the details and we'll get it arranged for you.


What coffee's are you roasting?

If you head to the 'coffee info' page using the link at the bottom of the website - it'll show you what we're currently roasting. We use reference codes at the bottom of our bags to match them up too. If there's one that's no longer listed that you'd like to know about just get in touch and we'll let you know.


Why don't you have a roast date?

We've got a best before date on the bottom of our bags - simply because that's the sticker/labeller format that they came in. The date on the bottom is 3 months on from the roast date.


How long should I rest my coffee?

We'd recommend a minimum of 2 weeks (if you can survive that long!).


Can I collect my order / do you have a cafe?

At the moment we're just a roastery, sorry. We've not much space here or ways to take payment so you're best off using our free local delivery if you're in Thanet and we'll pop by every Tuesday or Friday.


What are your delivery options?

We offer 2nd Class, 1st Class, Special Delivery, Local Delivery (Thanet only) and International Delivery. Different speeds, different prices. Place your orders before 1pm (weekdays) for same day despatch. Local Delivery is every Tuesday and Friday.


Where's my order?

Double check what delivery method you chose - mail can sometimes take a little longer than expected so please be patient for the postie where possible. It's also worth checking the address used in the address is correct and that no neighbours/concierge have taken it in without saying. If you've had no luck - shoot us an email and we'll get that fixed pronto.