Stove Top Brew Guide

by We Are Here Admin



  1. Take the little coffee basket thing out and pour some hot water just below the valve in your pot. This helps preheat and stops any metally tastes going in your coffee.
  2. Put the little coffee basket thing back in and finely grind some/our coffee. 
  3. Fill the basket to the top, no need to flatten just give it a cheeky tap on your counter to level them out. Wipe your loose grounds from the edge for a tight seal.
  4. Grab a towel to hold the bottom half as it’ll be a touch hot and screw on.
  5. Pop it onto your stove on a medium heat and keep the handle is clear of it the heat or it'll get too hot to hold. Leave that lid open.
  6. Once you hear a gurgle and the brown stuff starts coming out smoothly to a honey yellow, remove I from the heat. 
  7. Carefully hold and run the bottom half under some cold water. This'll stop it getting too hot/burny/metally tasting.
  8. Pour into your favourite liquid vehicle, leave as an espresso or add more hot water/milk for a longer coffee.